Yarix−Biogy Collaborate to Fight Cybercrime with First-Ever, Groundbreaking Biometric and Cryptographic Technology

True IdentityTM technology to protect organizations and customers against common and devastating forms of cyber attacks

MONTEBELLUNA, Italy and San Francisco, California (Sept 20, 2012)– Yarix Sicurezza Informatica, a specialist Italian Data Security company working across Europe, and Biogy Inc., an industry leader in biometric and cybersecurity technologies headquartered in San Francisco, have come together in a joint venture, Yarix−Biogy Ltd to fight international cybercrime – estimated to cost organizations one trillion dollars annually – with the first-ever biometric and cryptographic technology platform of its kind, True IdentityTM. The patented and patent-pending technology can be installed on vehicles, mobile phones, smart cards, PCs, routers and USB tokens to protect sensitive data against common and devastating forms of cyber attacks regardless of the integrity of the host PCs, web browser or mobile devices.

“Increasingly organizations are suffering catastrophic security breaches despite investments in today’s standard security practices and cybersecurity technology,” said Dr. Michael Fiske, Chief Executive Officer of Biogy Inc. “True Identity responds to the clear need to address today’s security crisis, which is rooted in the reality that the digital identity of individuals accessing sensitive data is virtual and not securely linked to a living person.”

Recently more than 25,000 corporations and 40 million users worldwide were at risk of exposing sensitive data due to a breach in a leading security platform, RSA SecurID. This breached platform uses a PIN that the user knows and a hardware token that generates a one-time passcode for system access. True Identity technology, developed by Biogy, addresses fundamental security weaknesses of current security practices and technology including the limitations of SecurID:

Decentralized: True Identity passcodes cannot be stolen from the network because they do not exist on the network.
Created after enrollment: Passcodes cannot be stolen if they don’t exist yet.
Requires a valid biometric authentication: Passcodes cannot be generated without a valid fingerprint. Vein, face, hand, iris, and voice authentication can also be integrated.
Dynamic. Ongoing changes to the system make hacking challenging.
No pseudo-random number algorithms are needed to create unpredictability: Reverse engineering of True Identity algorithms does not reveal any passcodes.

Despite economic hardships in Europe, online businesses practicing e-commerce grew by 20% last year. True Identity also equips organizations to provide online payment capabilities without requiring customers to enter their personal and credit card details.

“With the growth of online business, customers and regulatory groups demand increasing security standards, especially for financial and e-commerce transactions, said Mirko Gatto, Chief Executive Officer of Yarix and Yarix−Biogy. “Our goal is to empower European organizations to reduce security costs and exposure risks while exploring new business opportunities and online ecommerce capabilities that meet regulatory compliance requirements with a solution that provides cost, usability, and security advantages over current practices.”

The True Identity technology cryptographically binds confidentiality, integrity and authentication (CIA) operations to a valid biometric authentication. The biometric authentication and all CIA operations are executed in a secure embedded environment.

True Identity will be available in 2013.

About Yarix−Biogy LTD

Yarix−Biogy Ltd is a technology and marketing organization with a mission to revolutionize cybersecurity. Headquartered in London, the organization produces and markets True IdentityTM in Europe.
About Yarix Sicurezza Informatica
Yarix is headquartered in Montebelluna (TV-Italy) and operates across Europe in Data Security. For more than a decade they have promoted their vision of security, which involves creating and sharing a new culture and understanding of IT. They do this both by supplying solutions, which respond to all kinds of security needs and by helping clients deal with the constant changes in the technology that now plays such a big part in their daily lives. For more information visit http://www.yarix.com/en/.
About Biogy Inc.
Biogy is a research and technology company in San Francisco headed by founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Fiske. Dr. Fiske, a mathematician and technologist, is known for cybersecurity
innovations and novel methods in computation. Under the direction of Michael Fiske, Biogy has created a powerful IP portfolio and technology, related to biometrics and cybersecurity with nine issued patents and also nine patents pending. In particular, Biogy developed the one-time passcode generator security system, as well as secure biometric encryption keys, where each key is uniquely derived from a fingerprint or other biometric. In addition, Biogy developed a method for securing PINS, cryptography keys, passwords without storing them on the system.

Dr. Michael Fiske completed a B.S. from Stanford University (Phi Beta Kappa) and received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northwestern University.  Over the past ten years, he has invented and implemented algorithms pertaining to encrypted executable code, code obfuscation, cryptography, signature recognition, fingerprint recognition, and machine learning. For more information visit http://www.biogy.com.

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