OmniCompete’s GSC Updates

The folks over at OmniCompete recently gave Biogy a nod on their news blog:

“Here at the Global Security Challenge we like to keep in touch with all of our past finalists and try wherever possible to assist them as they grow and become more successful.

We are delighted when they do well and love to hear news of their success’s.

We also like to give practical help if possible and this is one instance where we can do just that.

Biogy Inc were the winners of our West Coast USA regional final in 2010 and they have developed a product called ‘True Identity’ that transforms the concept of secure identification – in fact Dr John Morgan the Deputy Director of TSWG was impressed enough to say “it is the disruptive solution to cyber crime”.

As a result of the recent RSA breach, Biogy is in licensing and strategic partnership discussions with some of the largest security companies in the world.

Click on this link to find out a little more about the product and information about Biogy.

As I have mentioned before, Cyber Security investment is at an all time high at the moment with investors worldwide seeing it as a very positive sector.

If you have been a previous finalists of the GSC and would like us to publicise your call for funds let us know and we will do our utmost to assist.”