Global Security Challenge 2010

Global Security Challenge announced Biogy Inc as the winner of the US West Coast Regional Finals. When head judge John Morgan announced Biogy as the winner he called the Biogy technology ”disruptive”. For more information on the Global Security Challenge, see Biogy is one of the final contestants in the Global Security Challenge finals in London on November 11th and 12th. Biogy will be competing with the winners of the remaining three regional competitions from Asia the East Coast US and Europe/Israel.

Dr. Michael Fiske, Biogy’s CEO said “this is a substantial validation of our technology, and the contest forum was an excellent venue to bring our technology into the public eye.” The Biogy technology is a significant breakthrough in the war on cyber crime, and is a pivotal technology required to effectively fight cybercrime and identity theft. President Obama has made cyber security a key initiative of his administration, but the consensus is that they have not made very much progress. ( “Biogy is the key technology the administration needs to make significant progress on this initiative, ” says Dr. Fiske.

Biogy technology is independent of the user’s computer security, and of the networks that make up the Internet. The user’s computer is no longer trustworthy given the rampant presence of viruses, worms and botnets. “It is naive to secure mobile and online banking transactions based on the current untrusted security components,” commented Dr. Fiske.

Then there are the human factors. Biogy’s approach prevents phishing attacks in which users are tricked into giving passwords and other authentication factors via false emails and telephone calls from purported banking institutions. Fiske says, “to secure transactions, you cannot have a security system that is susceptible to human behavior or error.” Biogy eliminates this through the use of strong identity technology that uses local fingerprint authentication, followed by a new password, which the user neither remembers nor is aware of, every time the service is used.”

Biogy technology is available for licensing to partners and manufacturers that are affected by cybercrime and identity theft. Dr. Fiske presented the first available design, a biometric protected USB with AES-256 encrypted storage and authentication token, called the Personal Vault. Dr. Fiske added “with the Personal Vault, financial institutions, governments, and health care organizations can eliminate cyberattacks that are costing these institutions billions annually.”

About Biogy Inc: Biogy is an identity management company based in San Francisco. Biogy was founded in 2007 with the mission to make a dramatic breakthrough in cybersecurity and identity technology to reduce or eliminate cybercrime and identity theft. Biogy licenses its technology to manufacturers, security solutions providers and others.

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